Telecare Monitoring Services

Telecare alarm monitoring service

We can monitor both grouped and individual social alarms, as well as a range of telecare devices. These devices can aid independent living and play a vital role as part of a package that provides support for people with illnesses such as dementia, or those at risk of falling.

As well as personal emergency alarms, individuals can have additional sensors that monitor a range of variables including: temperature, movement, wandering (particularly useful for people with cognitive impairment), or data reporting leaks from gas type devices. When a sensor is activated it sends a signal to a central home unit, which automatically calls CarelineUK. Our highly trained advisors can immediately take the most appropriate action, whether it’s contacting a local key holder, doctor or the emergency services, all the while reassuring the person until their situation is resolved.

A tailored solution

We use our experience to help organisations that have their own telecare alarm monitoring centre to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

There are various ways in which we can handle the service on your behalf, and manage the transfer process.  Whether you choose a phased approach to cover overnight monitoring and/or a complete transfer of service, CarelineUK will ensure that the integrity of your current service is protected at all times.

CarelineUK is compliant with The Telecare Services Association (TSA) Code of Practice Part One. The TSA is a regulatory body that encourages the provision of good quality customer service by officially recognising those service providers that meet its demanding criteria.

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